Small Off Grid Packages

EasySolar InverterUsing our extensive technical expertise developed from our residential SAPS kits we have now developed four smaller and more economical SAPS system kits designed to suit

  • motor homes,
  • caravans,
  • trailers, or
  • sheds

wanting a power supply during grid outages.

The systems are based on premium components such as:

  • Victron Easy Solar inverter/chargers with MPPT Charge Controller and on board AC distribution
  • Tier 1 solar panels 
  • Victron Gel batteries

and are designed according to the following parameters:

  • 2 days autonomy 
  • 3.5 peak sun hours (you will have a pleasant surplus during summer)
  • minimum 50% remaining charge in battery (following 2 days autonomous usage)

Each system comes with a battery monitoring meter indicating the battery state of charge.