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Solar Packages

I Want Energy only offers products of the highest quality from reputable well established manufacturers such as;

  • Fronius inverters with a 10 year warranty made in Austria
  • SMA German engineered inverters
  • Selectronic Australian inverter chargers
  • REC solar panels made in Singapore
  • LG solar panels made in Korea

We have a large selection of packages from 2 kilowatts to 10 kilowatts with and without battery storage, but if you are looking for something a little unusual we can help.

The packages differ in the components (solar panels and inverters) used. 

Our package pricing is for the system fully installed and with government rebates taken into account – however extra charges may be required in some cases (e.g. tilt up frames for a flat roof, special feet for a tiled roof).

Listed below are component details for our most popular packages.

LG and Fronius package

5 kW Premium package
  • 15 X 335 watt LG mono crystalline solar panels made in Korea
  • 25 year warranty on solar panels
  • Fronius Primo inverter 
  • 10 year warranty on inverter