Hot Water

Sanden Heat Pumps

  • Nothing installed on your roof
  • Uses electricity, not sunlight
  • Reliability – very low failure rate and minimal plumbing
  • High hot water usage – e.g. a family with children

Apricus Solar Hot Water

  • Uses sunlight and electricity
  • Roof should be North facing with little shading
  • Low water usage – e.g. just one or two people in the house

The difference

Sanden heat pumps save you energy by using the heat from the air to heat your water. They use electricty but only 1.2kW/hr of electricity, whereas a standard electric system that uses up to 6kW/hr.

Apricus solar hot water systems use the sun to heat water and rely on gas or electric back up for when hot water is needed and no or not enough sunlight is available. If it needs to it will use a 3.6kW electric boost element.

The best system for you is determined by the amount and pattern of your hot water usage.

If you use a lot of water then the Sanden heat pump will save you more; if you use less and are happy to monitor your usage the Apricus solar hot water is better.