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20/05/2015: Product recall for HGN4-32DC Isolating Switches
Between 7th October 2011 and 1st March 2014 I Want Energy supplied and installed DC isolating switches with the part number HGN4-32DC. These switched were purchased from an Australian company based in New South Wales. Some of these switches have proven to be faulty and there is the potential risk of fire from faulty contacts within the internal mechanism of this switch.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of all of our installations during the period 7th October 2011 to 1st March 2014. This list of installations has been provided to the Department of Justice Tasmania and they have instructed Tech Safe Pty Ltd to conduct inspections on some of the installations.

We have now contacted the ACCC to enact a product recall. The process has now begun of visiting each installation to replace these switches. I Want Energy will be conducting this replacement program by postcode and then reporting to the Department of Justice when each postcode has been completed.

We will be notifying each customer in their respective postcode of an approximate time frame for this work. You do not have to be home when we visit but we will need access to your roof and your inverter.

There is no cost to the customer for this work.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information,

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