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Farm subsidy

To take advantage of this grant scheme contact I Want Energy to arrange an on farm energy audit using an accredited energy auditor. The cost of this audit is $1,500 and a successful audit grant will pay $1,000 of this. Once your energy audit is completed you can the apply for a dollar for dollar grant up to $20,000 towards the purchase of equipment to make your farm more energy efficient.

What will a $20,000 investment in solar panels get me?

  • 20 kW ground mounted solar array
  • 72 x REC 275 watt solar panels made in Singapore (25 year output warranty)
  • 1 x Fronius grid connect solar inverter made in Austria (10 year warranty)
  • 1 x Clenergy Solar Terrace III ground mount solar frame (10 year warranty)
  • Concrete footings for ground mount frame
  • Underground cable and conduit up to 30 meters to nearest point of connection
  • Real time monitoring via Fronius Solar Web
  • Approximately 25,000 kilowatt hours of energy per year
  • A potential saving of up to $5,000 per year depending on your electricity tariff

* price is based on $20,000 On farm Capital Grant plus your contribution of $20,000 = $40,000

* any solar credits created from the installation will be claimed by I Want Energy

Whats not included? Excavation for the concrete footings, individual pads or slab. Extra travel for 32 MPA concrete delivery.

Installation Guide-PV ezRack STIII-A V1.2



Further details are available here, https://www.stategrowth.tas.gov.au/business/sectors/food_and_agriculture/on-farm_program


On-farm Energy Audit and Capital Grant Program
The On-farm Energy Audit and Capital Grant Program provides subsidies to assist farmers to reduce their energy charges. The program is made up of two types of grants:

  • Audit Grants, which provide a subsidy to assist farmers to engage a qualified professional to review their farm energy use, infrastructure and systems and identify savings strategies. This may include advice on pumping and efficient irrigation systems, general farm operations, solar, domestic usage, and farm machinery and equipment, which could potentially save thousands of dollars each year in energy charges. For every $2 of grant funds provided, successful Audit Grant applicants must contribute at least $1. Minimum grant assistance for an Audit Grant is $1,000 (which equates to an audit cost of $1,500).
  • Capital Infrastructure Grants, which provide a subsidy to assist farmers to purchase new energy-saving or energy-efficient capital infrastructure to support improved or optimised on-farm energy efficiency, as recommend by an audit prepared by a suitably qualified professional. This may include, for example, irrigation pumps, lighting, insulation, ventilation infrastructure, solar panels, solar powered battery storage, or heating or cooling infrastructure. For every $1 of grant funds provided, successful Capital Infrastructure Grant applicants must contribute at least $1. Minimum grant assistance for a Capital Infrastructure Grant is $1 000 (which equates to a purchase cost of $2,000).

Program funding of $750 000 is available over three years from 2018/19 to 2020/21 with applications to remain open until the allocation for each financial year is fully committed. Maximum grant assistance available under the Program is $20 000 per applicant, which can be spread across an Audit Grant and a Capital Infrastructure Grant. Applicants can be approved for funding under each grant type only once.

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