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Residential Finance

I Want Energy has partnered with Brighte to give residential customers financing for green projects

Fast track your sustainable home with the Brighte Green Loan
The Brighte Green Loan offers a fixed interest rate of 5.89% p.a (Comparison rate of 7.03% p.a^) and longer repayment terms of 2 – 7 years.
Brighte Green Loans has invested $22 Million into Aussie homes, and we’re still counting!

What can I buy with the Brighte Personal Loan?.
The Brighte Personal Loan, is available to purchase:

Solar Panels
Battery storage
Solar System and Battery Combo
Off-Grid system
Solar heating and cooling improvement


Energy efficient homes can attract a premium of up to 10% more** Add this value to your house and repay in easy instalments

Get the latest energy-efficient lighting, or solar and batteries and you can not only help improve your home value but help reduce the costs of your electricity bill.

The Brighte Green Loan is made with our customers in mind!

A fixed interest rate! A fixed interest rate means, we won’t change the interest rate on you!
Fund purchases between $1k to $30K: Our fixed interest rate is the same, regardless of the amount you need to borrow
Repay over 2 to 7 years: You choose the loan term and repayment amount that works for you
Make additional repayments: We understand the benefits of making additional repayments. You can pay the Brighte Green Loan off quicker for no additional cost

Request to use the Brighte Green Loan
Step 1: Request to use the Brighte Green Loan

Brighte Partners are able to offer the Brighte Green Loan, I Want Energy is a Brighte Partner

Agree on a price with your vendor
Step 2: Agree on a price with your vendor

and the products you are purchasing. Once you provide your consent to proceed, the Brighte Partner refers your contact details to Brighte.

Complete your application
Step 3: Complete your application

We send you the link to complete the application,. Once you provide all the required documents, you receive an outcome within 1 – 3 business days and your loan contract

Installation occurs and repayments begin!
Step 4: Installation occurs and repayments begin!

Once the job is complete, Brighte will pay your vendor, this activates your Brighte Personal Loan and your repayments begin in 28 days!


Am I eligible?

To be eligible to apply you must:

  • Be over 18 years old and an Australian resident or citizen
  • Own or be purchasing a home
  • Be employed, self-employed, a self-funded retiree; or is receiving the Government Age Pension
  • Have an Australian driver’s license or Passport or Medicare Card
  • Provide two most recent payslips or 90 days of bank statements

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I Want Energy can help you take the first steps setting up your Brighte funding, contact us today.