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Phono Solar

I Want Energy are proud to be a Sumec Phono Solar Australia Authorized distributor in Tasmania!

The size and diversity of the Sumec group brings a ‘Confidence of Longevity’ not found with most other solar manufacturers.

What is Blue Chip?

Sumec Phono Solar is a Blue Chip Solar Panel manufacturer. Blue Chip is a low risk company. They have been in business for over 30 years, have 30+ billion in turn over annually, have a diverse range of products and are capable of servicing warranties locally.
More information go to www.bluechipsolar.com.au

Over 40 years experience…

Here at the Sumec Group (a major division of Fortune Global 500 Sinomach Corporation) we took the opportunity in 2018 to re-brand our renewable energy business, from Phono
Solar to Sumec Phono Solar Australia.

We wanted to highlight Sumec as our parent company to illustrate a major difference between Sumec Phono Solar and our competitors which is ‘Confidence of Longevity’.

This is important because in 2011 there were more than 400 solar panel manufacturers approved for install in Australia. Today there are fewer than 100.

Sumec Phono Solar knows that we have a duty to our customers for the entirety of our solar panel’s 25 year warranty.

Our financial strength means that we know we will be around to honour our warranties. This is our commitment to Australians and the Australian solar market.


Sumec Energy Holdings are proud to share this letter of support for Sumec Australia, our Australian entity supporting Phono Solar panels in Australia.

Sumec Letter of Support