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Smart Battery Storage Systems

Make your solar and battery work harder!

Squeeze every last cent out of your solar and battery set-up, without lifting a finger.

The Reposit Box is like a drill sergeant for your solar and battery set-up. It learns when and how your household uses electricity – helping you to become energy independent and less reliant on the grid.

The grid credits feature of Reposit, where you can trade the energy in your battery with the network, is only available for residents of south Bruny island as part of the Tas networks ARENA funded battery trial.

It is only a matter of time before the grid credits feature becomes available to all Tasmanian residents with battery storage.

Learn more about how Reposit Power can help you reduce your electricity bill.

The screen shot above shows data being collected by Reposit from the battery, home, solar and the grid.

Using this data Reposit can assist with solar arbitrage and tariff arbitrage.

Solar arbitrage is when solar energy is used to charge the battery during the day and that solar energy is released by the battery into the home in the evening during peak energy rate times.

Tariff arbitrage is when the battery is topped up by energy supplied from the grid during off peak energy rate times for use in the home during peak energy rate times.

Utilizing tariff 93 which is the Tas networks time of use tariff with two peak periods, 7am  to 10am and 4pm to 9pm Monday to Friday, your Reposit controlled battery will get the most out of your battery.

Learn more about tariff 93 here, Tariff 93

Reposit compatibility

Reposit works with a wide range of batteries and inverters. Find your favorite products and discover new ones that can help reduce your power bills.

Opal Storage 

Fantastic solution for Tasmanian households coming off the legacy feed in tariff of 28 cents on January 1st, 2019.

If your system was installed in 2014 or earlier the inverter is probably approaching the end of its warranty period.

Opal storage solutions come with SolaX inverters with a 5 year warranty and the LG CHEM battery has a 10 year warranty.

With prices starting at $9,999 fully installed you can start your journey to energy independence today.

OpalSolar-Brochure-2017_V5-3-1 (1) (1)

A neat all-in-one solution combining LG Chem batteries and 5kW SolaX hybrid inverter at a very competitive price. Available in 6.5kWh and 13kWh sizes.

Battery: LG Chem 6.5kWh and 13kWhInverter: 5kW SolaX Hybrid Maximum Battery Power: 3kW and 4.6kW


A flexible and easily expandable battery from one of the global leaders in lithium battery manufacturing.

Available in 6.4, 7.7, 9, 10.2 and 11.5kWh sizes. Up to four batteries can be stacked together for those with really big power needs.

Compatible Inverters: SMA Sunny Boy Storage Maximum Battery Power: 2.5kW with SMA Sunny Boy Storage

Fronius Solar Battery

Fronius solar batteries provide excellent cycle life and can deliver backup power across three phases.

For three phase sites only.

Compatible Inverters: Fronius Symo Hybrid 5.0-3-S Maximum Battery Power: 5 kW

Fronius Symo Hybrid 5.0-3-S
The Fronius Symo Hybrid combines a battery charging system, battery inverter and hybrid inverter all in one device.

Compatible Batteries: Fronius Solar Battery

GCL e-KwBe

GCL is an affordable home battery that’s compatible with Sungrow Hybrid inverters.

Compatible Inverters: SunGrow SH5K Hybrid Maximum Battery Power: 3 kW

LG Chem Resu

One of Australia’s most popular home batteries. Versatile, compact and easily expandable.

Available in three sizes and expandable up to two batteries per inverter.

Compatible Inverters: Sungrow SH5K/SH5K+ and SolaX SK-TL 5000E Maximum Battery Power: 5 kW

LG Chem RESU 6.4

Offering value for money, sleek design and up to 3.3 kW power.

LG is a trusted household name with over 15 years in battery manufacturing.


Compatible Inverters: SolaX SK-TL 5000E and Sungrow SH5K/SH5K+Maximum Battery Power: 3.3 kW

LG Chem RESU10H/7H

Compact design, wall and floor mountable battery. Great for high energy density and outdoor installation with dust and water resistance.

Compatible Inverters: SMA Sunny Boy Storage, SolarEdge SE5000-6000 Maximum Battery Power: 5 kW

Pylontech Extra2000

An expandable and stackable modular battery system.

Compatible Inverters: SolaX SK-TL 5000E Maximum Battery Power: 2.4 kW

Samsung All in One ESS

Powered by Samsung lithium, combining solar inverter, battery inverter and battery in a one system single cabinet.

Please note these are no longer available for purchase but are compatible with Reposit for existing Samsung All in One ESS owners.


Maximum Battery Power: 5 kW

SolarEdge SE5000-6000 AUS/RWS

SolarEdge a single phase inverter that is versatile and compatible with a range of batteries. Simple design and maintenance.

Compatible Batteries: Tesla PowerWall 1, LG Chem RESU10H

Sungrow SH5K/SH5K+

The Sungrow hybrid inverter is compact, flexible and low maintenance.



Compatible Batteries: LG Chem RESU 6.4 EX, LG Chem RESU 3.3/6.5/10 and GCL E-KwBe

SolaX SK-TL 5000E

SolaX X-Hybrid offers value for money and is a hybrid inverter compatible with a wide range of batteries. Suitable for one or three phase batteries.

Compatible Batteries: LG Chem RESU 6.4 EX, LG Chem RESU, Pylontech Extra2000

SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5

The Sunny Boy Storage is a battery inverter that you can use to add battery storage to your existing rooftop solar system.

Compatible Batteries: Tesla PowerWall 1, LG Chem RESU10H, BYD B-Box HV