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Grid Connect Solar Panels

Solar panels are our most popular product.

They are simple to set up and are guaranteed to give you power.

We offer packaged systems in a variety of sizes, but we can design custom systems and add extra panels to your existing systems too.

If you are new to solar power have a look at through this page to find out more about it, or go straight to our pricing and product information pages here:

Did you know the payback period for most of our systems is around 4-5 years? That means in 4-5 years time your system will have generated enough power to pay for itself!


Solar Power and Solar Hot Water

People often confuse Solar Hot Water and Solar Photovoltaic systems.

Solar Photovoltaic systems produce electricity, which is used to offset your consumption of electricity from the Aurora grid. You do also generate power to heat an existing electric hot water system, reducing your electricity consumption.

Solar Hot Water systems are used to replace electric water heating systems and they can only heat water – they do not produce any power for usage.

The best mix is to both have solar hot water and solar photo voltaic systems; this will reduce your dependence on the grid and your power bill greatly.

How do the solar photovoltaic systems work?

DC Power is generated by solar panels installed on your roof.

An inverter converts the DC from the roof panels to AC for use in your house. Excess energy is sent to the Aurora grid via your power meter.

Your power meter records the power you use from the grid to supplement the power your solar system generates, and records excess electricity you do not use as a credit – all the extra power produced that you do not use Aurora buys off you.

What size system do you need?

There are three different questions we need to answer to find your ideal system size:

  • how much is your power bill?
  • how big is your roof?
  • what is your budget?
  • what size battery will I need?

The size of the system will depend greatly on your budget – solar power is a long term investment that will save you a lot of money through its lifetime but requires a large upfront investment.