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Heat Pump Hot Water

i-StoreHeat Pump Hot Water

  • Make the most of your solar PV system
  • The i-Store boasts 4 intelligent operating modes
  • Optimal design provides maximum thermal transfer
  • Low consumption of only 1,000 watts per hour

How iStore works
A fan draws in air, containing heat energy, across the evaporator
The evaporator turns the liquid refrigerant into a gas
The compressor pressurises the refrigerant into a hot gas

The hot gas inside the condenser coil heats the water inside the coil-wrapped tank
The refrigerant reverts back to a liquid after heating the water and continues to the evaporator for the process to start again
The cycle continues until the set target temperature is achieved.
As water is used in the home, the cycle will restart once the temperature in the tank has dropped below 45 °C

From $3,300.00 installed (after solar credits rebate). Contact us for a free in home assessment.

Sanden Heat Pumps

  • Nothing installed on your roof
  • Uses electricity, not sunlight
  • Reliability – very low failure rate and minimal plumbing
  • High hot water usage – e.g. a family with children

The Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System
is a highly energy-efficient replacement for your traditional electric hot water system. It absorbs heat from the air and transfers it to heat water, in a way that saves energy, saves money and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Importantly, the Sanden Eco® Plus system does not require an electric booster element!

Here’s why Sanden’s Eco® Plus is a smart investment:
Industry leading energy efficiency allows you to save up to 80%* of the energy cost required to run your conventional electric storage hot water system!
Industry leading quality and performance, now more affordable via the highest level of STC values of any currently available hot water heat pump.
Innovative technology allows up to 50% faster heat recovery than currently available hot water heat pumps, making it ideal for use with either off peak or continuous tariffs.

From $5,000.00 installed (after solar credits rebate). Contact us for a free in home assessment.