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carAt I Want Energy our passion is not only for clean, green, cheap energy but also electric vehicles or EVs

Rob has been driving the Tesla Model S since taking delivery in February 2015 and we now have three electric vehicles in our fleet with plans to add more.

Whilst the car is a magnificent piece of modern engineering it is also a pointer to our future transport options.

Did you know that Tasmania spends $1 billion annually on transport fuel? $1 billion dollars that goes off shore. Imagine if we could keep some of that huge spend here in Tasmania. Just by reducing this by 10% that’s an extra $100 million back into our local economy.

And what source of energy will replace that petrol and diesel fuel? Clean, green renewable energy from our hydro dams, wind farms and even the solar panels on your home and business!

Three main issues which need to addressed if we are to see more electric vehicles on our roads are:

  • The battery technology
  • Availability of charging stations
  • Whether the cost of electricity continues to increase to a point where liquid fuels are the most economic option

We now supply and install zappi EV chargers,

Zappi eco smart EV charger














Charging Stations

Technology in electric vehicles is changing fast. Vehicle battery charging stations that are being deployed in the United States and Europe are being developed right here in Australia. New “fast chargers” will enable quicker charging, but will cost more (for both electricity at a higher tariff and use of the charger) compared to the overnight charge in the home garage. The Australian-designed Veefil by Tritium will allow for a charge of approximately 48km for each 10-minute charging cycle.

The problem is who will pay for establishing a network that will allow for vehicle charging?

If one of the major beneficiaries of EV’s in Tasmania is Hydro and Tas Networks then we should expect the state government of Tasmania to provide this necessary infrastructure.

But how long will this take? Probably too long for most business owners wanting to attract and ever increasing number of EV drivers into their cafés, restaurants, motels, tourist destinations etc.

I Want Energy can design, supply, install and maintain a customised EV charging station for your home and/or business to help you tap into this growing market and maybe even encourage you to start driving an electric vehicle.

We are please to offer you the smartest EV home charger from the UK, the zappi V2 is available now for installation at your home or business, Zappi EV charger

Get in touch today to discuss your options!

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